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Greenhouse Gas Accounting Protocols

Protocols for local governments to conduct their greenhouse gas emissions inventories

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Inventory Protocols

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Local Government Operations Protocol

Get the Protocol or read FAQs on this U.S. national standard.

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U.S. Community Protocol for Accounting and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The first national standard to guide local governments on how to measure and report GHG emissions associated with their communities.

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Submit your greeenhouse gas emissions data to the carbonn Cities Climate Registry -- ICLEI's global reporting platform developed by and for local governments

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Global Protocol for Community-Scale Emissions (GPC)

The US Community Protocol is customized to the needs of and data available to US Communities. However, communities wanting their inventories to also be comparable to those of global counterparts should also consult the GPC.

Monitoring Protocols

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Recycling and Composting Protocol

The national standard for measuring GHG emissions reduction benefits of recycling and composting at the community level.

More Resources

IPCC: 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories

EPA/STAPPA/ALAPCO: Emission Inventory Improvement Program

WRI: The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard

WRI and WBCSD: The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative

TCR: General Reporting Protocol

TCR: Industry-Specific Protocols

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