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During Local Climate Action Week, Send ICLEI Your Projects

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During Local Climate Action Week, help reinforce the message that there are thousands of ready-to-go local government projects that would create jobs, reduce energy consumption and decrease GHG emissions. ICLEI and Climate Communities need information on projects your community could expand or newly implement if federal dollars were available. We will provide these examples to the national media and will also use them in our advocacy efforts. Projects should be ready to begin (construction/implementation) by the end of 2009 and may include:

  • Transit construction projects;
  • Local program to retrofit residential, commercial and/or government buildings for energy efficiency;
  • Construction of new energy-efficient government buildings;
  • Green infrastructure construction;
  • Construction of renewable energy projects;
  • Green technology projects (e.g., LED street light replacement, alternative fuels infrastructure); and
  • Other climate change and clean energy projects that put people to work.

Please provide ANY or ALL of the following information by Friday, December 5. Send information to Andy Seth, or 202-261-6011, or Annie Strickler at or 510-844-0699 x 228.

In your submissions, please answer the following:

  • Project name and brief description
  • Project cost 
  • How much energy is the project projected to save?
  • How much in energy costs could the project save?
  • If possible, provide an estimate of the GHG emissions reductions the project will produce
  • How many jobs (both construction and permanent) will the project generate?

Project Name: Anytown Green Retrofit of City Hall: geothermal heating/cooling; energy-efficient windows and lighting.
Cost: $1 mil
Energy Savings: 25 percent per year
Energy Cost Savings: $110,000 per year
GHG Emissions Reductions: XX tons per year based on reduced energy consumption
Jobs created: 10 new construction jobs

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