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Green Business Challenge

Help your business community save money, energy, and resources with a friendly competition powered by ICLEI's Web Application and toolkits

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News and Updates

(January 7, 2014)

Why the Green Business Challenge Works

GBC wins


How It Works

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What'ss in it for local communities? Here's 6 reasons why this cost-effective program can help you meet your climate and energy goals.  >>

Step by step, how to run a Challenge program with ICLEI's tools & resources.  >>

City & County Success Stories

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Resources to Get Started

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Local governments are saving millions of dollars and kilowatt hours for their businesses.  >>

ICLEI's key resources that make it easy and cost effective for any local government or implementing partner to customize and launch a Challenge program.  >>


Partners & GBC Advisory Committee

National Sponsor: Office Depot

ICLEI is grateful for the support of Office Depot, the National Sponsor and Founding Funder of the Green Business Challenge. Office Depot’s global environmental strategy can be summed up in a simple commitment to buy greener, be greener and sell greener. Effective execution of this strategy is measured in an Environmental Dashboard that shows improvement on nearly every metric since 2006. That’s why Newsweek ranked Office Depot America’s #1 greenest large retailer in 2010 and 2011. For more information, please visit


Advisory Committee

In a continuing effort to scale Green Business Challenge nationwide and ensure that the program is being responsive to stakeholder needs, ICLEI facilitates an Advisory Committee that provides input on current and future program development and management. The Advisory Committee’s purpose is to strengthen the national Green Business Challenge program by offering a forum for program stakeholders to communicate their opinions, share their expertise, and coordinate services. >> Read more about the GBC Advisory Committee Members here