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Local Government Staff: Ensure Your Voice is Heard for Efficient New Buildings

by Eli Yewdall and Celina Plaza Feb 21, 2015


Today an increasing number of local governments are looking for ways to reduce energy use in buildings, in order to meet local emissions reduction goals. One tool is through building codes, which set the minimum efficiency for new construction.

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25 Years of ICLEI: A Reflection of Our Past Successes and Looking Forward to More

by Jeb Brugman and Valerie Brown Feb 16, 2015


When ICLEI was first established in 1990, the concept of local government action on global environmental problems was highly exotic. The local elected officials and environmental managers who first gathered to support ICLEI’s establishment were often lone voices in their cities and counties.

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Launch of Global Reporting Protocol and COP20 News from ICLEI CityTalk

by jr.killigrew Dec 11, 2014

Learn more about the launch of the First Global Standard to Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions from cities, please visit CityTalk: A Blog by ICLEI. This video was produced by IISD.

Watch CityTalk by ICLEI's new video: From Vision to Action Plan: Raising The Global Level of Ambition Through National and Local Action

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The New U.S.-China Climate Accord

by jr.killigrew Nov 24, 2014

Game Changing Agreement Offers Real Hope for Climate Progress

To fully implement the new climate accord between the two countries, the U.S. has committed to emitting 26 percent to 28 percent less than it did in 2005.  China pledges to reach peak emissions or cap its total emissions by 2030, if not sooner. To reach that goal, China’s President Xi pledged to generate 20% of the country’s total energy consumption from clean energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, by 2030.


Chad Tudenggongbu, Program Officer, ICLEI USA

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Mayors and County Officials Deliver their Resilience Recommendations to President Obama

by jr.killigrew Nov 16, 2014

ICLEI and the Resilient Communities for America partners commend the local, state, and tribal officials who participated in the President's Task Force on a compelling vision for local-federal collaboration. Local leaders such as Mayor Frank Cownie of Des Moines and Supervisor Salud Carbajal of Santa Barbara County provided key insight as strategic members of the task force and Commissioner Kristin Jacobs of Broward County chaired the Task Force's four subgroups.

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Meet the Candidates for ICLEI's Regional Executive Committee

by christinaashtary Oct 30, 2014

ICLEI's election for the Regional Executive Committee has officially commenced, and will run through November 9th. The Regional Executive Committee provides an international platform for city and county leaders to develop and drive organizational policies and strategies for ICLEI's North America region. Members also represent ICLEI North America at regional and international meetings, and provide regional input to ICLEI's Global Executive Committee, ICLEI's highest level of global membership representation.


>> Learn More about the Regional Executive Committee

ICLEI Members vote for the Regional Executive Committee members, filling three U.S. vacancies for the 2015-2018 term. To learn more about how to get your voting credentials, please contact J.R. Killigrew.

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ICLEI Members Take Big Strides in Local Climate Action

by christinaashtary Oct 14, 2014

ICLEI is proud to announce the next wave of members taking action and creating healthier, vibrant and more resilient communities. With the 5 Milestones process as their guide and tremendous local support, ICLEI members are measuring, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and monitoring their progress at an even faster rate.

ClearPath is leading the way as the online platform for local governments to calculate, forecast, plan and monitor their municipal and community scale greenhouse gas emissions. 8 ICLEI members had entered their community baseline inventory and re-inventory data and have reduced an estimated 4 million MTCO2e which is equivalent to taking 820,000 cars off the road or shutting down 1 coal fired power plant. Now that is collective local action! Imagine what the impact would be if 80 or 800 local governments get their data into ClearPath.

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Affect National Energy Policy: The Green Construction Code Webinar Series

by christinaashtary Sep 29, 2014

Join us for a webinar and in-person event to learn about the important role for your local government to shape the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) this October. See detailed voting recommendations from the Energy Efficient Codes Coalition on proposed changes to the IgCC that affect energy efficiency and renewable energy here.

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ICLEI Partners on the Compact of Mayors and Seven other Bold Initiatives at the Climate Summit 2014

by christinaashtary Sep 22, 2014

NEW YORK - September 23, 2014. The number of cities committing to fight climate change is rising, and so does the level of their climate ambition. Many cities are now setting bolder targets of slashing 40, 70, 100 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 and improving climate change resilience. Collectively, they will be crucial in delivering substantial cuts in global GHG emissions and ensuring the safety of their citizens, infrastructure and environment. This is the key message that ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) is bringing to the Climate Summit 2014. Partnering in eight bold initiatives to step up, scale up, and speed up local climate action, ICLEI is highly committed to their combined success.





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Presenting Measuring Up 2015: ​Helping Scale Local Action through Emissions Reporting

by christinaashtary Sep 09, 2014


2015 will be a pivotal year for addressing climate change. In the US, the federal government will finalize proposed power plant regulations and will offer national emissions reduction targets feeding into a new international climate agreement to be completed in November 2015. As the largest network of local governments addressing climate change, ICLEI is preparing for this critical year by partnering with World Wildlife Fund to compile information on local community emissions inventories and reduction goals. This data will inform a high-profile report to showcase the scale and importance of local climate action, and to inspire strong commitments at the national and international levels.

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