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Regional Planning Affiliate Services

ICLEI USA logoRegional planning organizations are eligible to become affiliates of ICLEI USA. Join us today!


Regional planning agencies, councils of governments and metropolitan planning organizations looking to provide a deeper, more comprehensive and integrated set of services to their municipal members in support of sustainability and climate initiatives can join ICLEI USA as a Regional Planning Affiliate. Many of ICLEI’s tools, resources and services are available to regional planning professionals as a way to build mutual capacity to support local governments in their efforts and to tackle cross-jurisdictional sustainability issues.

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yellow arrow icon Why Become an ICLEI Regional Planning Affiliate?

Regional planning agencies, councils of governments and metropolitan planning organizations have a critical role to play in supporting and coordinating municipal sustainability activities at the regional level. Throughout the United States, these organizations deliver a variety of federal, state and local programs while also serving as planning organizations, technical assistance providers and regional visionaries for their member local governments.

Regional planning organizations are being given increasing responsibility for driving greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions from key sectors at the local and regional scale, and are critical to the success of local governments’ efforts to do the same. These organizations are also the key providers of data (such as vehicle miles traveled and land use data) necessary for communities to plan for and increase their climate protection and sustainability performance.

With the increasing focus on regional planning (at the state and federal levels) and the need to develop more streamlined access to data and resources to advance reductions in GHGs and achieve sustainable communities, ICLEI USA invites regional planning organizations to engage in a formal relationship with ICLEI by becoming ICLEI Regional Planning Affiliates. ICLEI services to Affiliates will:

  • Increase the capacity of regional planning organizations to assist local governments in measuring greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Provide access to trainings and workshops to learn about climate protection and sustainability measures throughout the state, region and nation;
  • Provide access to tools and resources that can assist the regional planning organization in developing regionally-specific reduction strategies and coordinating regionally-specific sustainability efforts.

ICLEI is delighted to offer these services to regional planning organizations. We look forward to working in tandem with these organizations to foster regional collaboration and coordinate delivery of climate protection and sustainability resources to local governments throughout the United States.


yellow arrow icon What You Receive as an Affiliate

As an ICLEI Regional Planning Affiliate, your organization will receive the following services:

  • Two licenses for ICLEI’s industry-standard CACP 2009 emissions quantification software
  • Deep discounts on all of ICLEI’s:
    • Cutting-edge online tools for sustainability planning and performance management
    • Skills- and capacity-building trainings
    • Regional, national and international networking events
    • In-depth toolkits, guidebooks and policy analyses
  • Access to ICLEI’s expert Member Support and Training Team, who can connect you to solutions and ensure that you get the most out of ICLEI’s integrated resource and service offerings (two hours of technical assistance per month)
  • Guidance resources to walk you through each step of a proven process to achieve sustainability, climate protection and/or community resiliency
  • Case studies and best practice examples of successful local and regional climate protection and sustainability projects and programs

As an ICLEI Regional Planning Affiliate, your organization will be responsible for:

  • Sending ICLEI membership materials to all local governments in your region.
  • Providing updates to ICLEI on sustainability, energy and climate protection activities within the region for inclusion in regional and national newsletters.
  • Providing information on best practices and sustainability, energy and climate protection successes from member local governments.


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How to Become an ICLEI Regional Planning Affiliate

1. Determine who will be the two designated ICLEI contacts from your organization: a staff liaison, who is the primary contact (read this FAQ) and a board liaison from your board of directors/commissioners (read the FAQ).


2. Download and complete the Regional Planning Affiliate Application

3. Download and sign the General Terms of Agreement document

4. E-mail or fax back the two documents.

5. Submit payment for appropriate annual affiliate dues (see chart below).

6. Consider passing a resolution affirming your commitment to climate protection and resilience. Please send us a copy of any such resolution your organization adopts.

7. Stand by for confirmation and welcome emails to the designated Staff and Board Liaisons to ICLEI, containing information on how to access affiliate services.

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 ICLEI Affiliate Dues Structure

Operating Budget
Affiliate Dues

 < $750,000  $2,500
 $750,000 - $1.5M  $3,000
$1.5M – $3M  $4,000
 $3M - $5M  $5,500
 $5M - $7.5M  $6,500
 $7.5M - $10M  $8,000
  $10M+  $9,500

For more information about joining the ICLEI Network, please contact the ICLEI USA Membership Team


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