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How to Become a Member

yellow arrow iconFour Steps to Local Government Membership

Step 1: Complete a membership application designating an an Elected Official Liaison, Staff Liaison and Media Liaison to be the primary points of contact with ICLEI. 
>> View the Membership Application

Step 2: Pay first installment of annual dues upon receipt of an invoice (by email) from ICLEI. 
Dues Structure

Step 3: Adopt a resolution within six months of joining ICLEI to affirm the community’s commitment to climate protection and sustainability action, to raise community awareness, and to provide an opportunity for public discussion about local priorities related to climate protection and/or sustainability. The sample resolution is designed to be customized to match local circumstances and priorities. Passage of the ICLEI membership resolution is strongly recommended as a part of becoming a member, but not required prior to joining.

Step 4: Get started on climate protection work by involving stakeholders, publicizing the local government's ICLEI membership, and starting work on Milestone One – the inventory of energy use and emissions.


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What ICLEI Asks of Local Government Members

ICLEI members agree to:

  • Pay modest annual dues
  • Report results and progress
  • Participate in membership activities such as elections, events, surveys and calls for action
  • Provide information, stories and illustrations upon request
  • Support recruiting efforts and membership promotion when appropriate


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Three Steps to Becoming a Regional Planning Affiliate

Regional planning organizations can apply to become ICLEI affiliates in three steps:

Step 1: Download and complete the Regional Planning Affiliate Application

Step 2: Download and sign the General Terms of Agreement document

Step 3: E-mail or fax back the two documents.

Learn more about Regional Planning Affiliate Services

Questions? Contact the ICLEI USA Membership Team

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Member Login

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