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ICLEI Services and Resources

ICLEI USA is the only organization that offers a comprehensive approach to helping local governments achieve their sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy goals.
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Supporting All Local Governments 

Joining ICLEI as a local government member is the most cost-effective option to help you reach your goals. But many ICLEI resources are available to any municipal or sustainability professional:

  • Skills trainings to build capacity and knowledge quickly, and webinars to share information and best practices

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  • Join ICLEI as a local government member and access a wealth of resources and support. Regional planning organizations can also join as a regional affiliate.

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What ICLEI Members Receive

  • Deep discounts on the following:
    • Cutting-edge online tools for climate action and sustainability planning and performance management (CACP 2009 software remains free for members)
    • Skills trainings to build capacity and knowledge quickly, and webinars to share information and best practices
    • Comprehensive guidance documents and toolkits that walk you through each step of ICLEI's proven processes to improve community sustainability or reach climate protection goals.
    • Networking events on the regional, national and international levels.
  • Technical support from ICLEI's expert Membership and Customer Care staff, who can answer your questions, connect you to solutions, and ensure that you get the most out of ICLEI’s integrated resource and service offerings.
  • Quick-start guides that provide overviews of each climate action planning step.
  • A library of resources, including access to our case studies, sample policies, toolkits, reports, and more
  • Recognition and awards (both national and international) for your leadership on sustainability.
  • National promotion of your success stories through ICLEI's website, social media channels, and press outreach.
  • Opportunities to affect policy through representation at the federal and international levels to ensure that local innovation and leadership is empowered and resourced.

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ICLEI USA is the largest network of sustainable cities, towns, and counties. ICLEI's local government members are recognized as the leaders on sustainability and climate action. By joining ICLEI, you're joining a network of leaders that share solutions and accelerate progress.

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ICLEI USA is the leading membership association of cities & counties committed to climate action, clean energy, and sustainability. blue arrow icon

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