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ICLEI is the largest global network of local governments committed to sustainability. For nearly 20 years ICLEI has been delivering tools, resources and services to help local governments achieve their self-defined climate, energy and sustainability goals faster and more effectively.      

In addition, our member network includes hundreds of your peers -- 1,000 worldwide -- representing the expertise and experience of the country’s leading local sustainability practitioners.

Why go it alone? As an ICLEI member, your local government can save time and money by tapping into the trusted experience of ICLEI staff and our network of local government experts.

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  • Learn about member dues and the application process for local governments and regional planning affiliates.

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Who Can Join ICLEI?

  • Local governments can become ICLEI members to receive a wealth of resources and services.
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  • Regional planning organizations can receive support by becoming ICLEI regional planning affiliates.
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ICLEI USA’s member network of cities, towns and counties lead a national and international movement to advance climate protection and sustainability.

ICLEI members are informing and inspiring a global dialogue of what is possible and necessary. They are working together, driving innovation, and providing powerful leadership and direction to all sectors of government and society.

Becoming an ICLEI member is more than signing a piece of paper or paying annual dues – it demonstrates your community’s commitment to addressing pressing issues that your constituents care deeply about.  It puts your city, town or county on the vanguard of those sharing successes, overcoming challenges, and creating vibrant, sustainable communities together.

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The bottom line: ICLEI will help you achieve measurable results.
ICLEI’s tools, resources, and services help cities, towns, and counties overcome staffing and financing constraints to more easily and effectively:

  • Design climate protection and sustainability programs focused on getting results.
  • Set ambitious yet attainable goals—and develop concrete plans to achieve them.
  • Make informed choices when prioritizing initiatives and allocating scarce resources.
  • Measure sustainability performance and demonstrate tangible impacts.

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Our Unique Approach

ICLEI’s approach is unique in that it serves the whole local government, from technical analysts to the elected leaders. In addition, no other membership organization collaborates as deeply with on-the-ground local government staff to co-create programs and solutions: Nearly 100 local governments directly shaped the course of our work in 2012 through advisory or steering committees or participation in a pilot project.

Benefit from the experience of the ICLEI network. Exhibit leadership in your community and beyond. Accelerate your measurable impact.

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ICLEI USA is the leading membership association of cities & counties committed to climate action, clean energy, and sustainability. blue arrow icon

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