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Renewable Energy Guidance

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ICLEI USA is working to help local governments scale up clean energy through trainings, resources, and technical assistance.


Beyond measuring emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change, many communities are already working to develop clean energy sources at the city and county level as a central part of their implementation strategies.

ICLEI is a key implementation partner for the U.S. Department of Energy-funded SunShot Initiative project, the Solar Outreach Partnership. Designed to dramatically increase deployment of solar and other renewable energy sources, the program helps promote energy security and protect environmental quality by reducing emissions of pollutants that degrade air and water resources and contribute to climate change. By directly investing in solar energy, promoting the technology among home and business owners, and reducing barriers to solar development, local governments deliver a number of benefits to the citizens they serve, including job creation and investment in the local economy.

Through the Solar Outreach Partnership, ICLEI's team of experts help address some of the most common solar issues:

• Permitting

• Interconnection and net metering

• Financing

• Planning and zoning

• Community solar

• Community outreach and education


>> Visit the Solar Outreach Partnership Website



Additional Resources

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Solar Trainings

Visit DOE's website for a schedule of upcoming technical workshops, events, and webinars delivered by ICLEI and others. >>



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Solar Guide

Get DOE's free guide for local governments.  >>


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