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Climate Pathways


For local governments looking to save time, money and municipal resources, Climate Pathways empowers staff to measure, plan for, and reduce emissions and energy use while building a better future for their communities.


ICLEI's Five Milestone Process

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For each Milestone, ICLEI provides you with a suite of easy-to-use tools, guidebooks, trainings, networks, and technical support from our expert staff. Click the blue tabs above to begin.

Climate Pathways is ICLEI's next generation program for managing energy and GHG emissions, offering entirely updated resources previously provided under the Cities for Climate Protection program. Hundreds of cities, towns, and counties across the country have already followed ICLEI’s Five Milestones process to address climate change and reap the benefits. When you’re ready to begin, join ICLEI to access our full resources and support.




ClearPath replaces ICLEI’s popular CACP software, and also does much more. ClearPath is an all-in-one suite of online tools to complete GHG inventories, forecasts, and climate action plans at the community-wide or government operations scale. It allows multiple users to collectively.



Note: Climate Pathways is also the name of an iPad app from Climate Interactive which lets you explore the relationship between rising temperatures and different emissions trajectories.  Check out the app and other simulation tools from Climate Interactive here.


Climate Pathways and ClearPath Overview Recorded Webinar

View this recorded webinar for more information on the detailed guidance and powerful features provided by Climate Pathways and ClearPath.


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Five Milestones Overview

Learn details about each step of the Five Milestones, and how they set you up for success. >>


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