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Climate Resilient Communities Program

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A changing climate is already affecting communities across America. As these unavoidable impacts intensify in the coming years – heat waves, flooding, water shortages, exacerbated air pollution – your community must begin preparing now to increase its resilience. ICLEI’s groundbreaking Climate Resilient Communities™ (CRC) Program is the definitive means to do so. Don’t delay this process! Start now to keep your community safe, protect valuable assets, and preserve your way of life for the next generation.

CRC is the first comprehensive, national climate adaptation program tailored to local governments. It was developed with broad input from leading climate change and planning experts. Through CRC, cities, towns, and counties can increase their resilience to climate change impacts, and in the process save money and create safer, healthier communities. Read more about why local governments must act.

yellow arrow icon What Local Governments Receive Through CRC

  • Hand drawing blueprint Adaptation Database and Planning Tool (ADAPT): A powerful, online tool that guides users through the Five Milestones for Climate Adaptation. ADAPT allows users to input data to assess vulnerabilities and risks, choose preparedness goals, and develop and prioritize actions to add to a climate action plan or existing plan.
  • Climate science: Access to the most current data on existing and future regional impacts
  • Technical guidance: Best practices to assess vulnerability and develop and implement a resiliency plan
  • Case studies: Profiles of successful local adaptation efforts
  • Training: Regular webinars and workshops tailored to local government staff
  • Networking: An online forum for local government staff to connect and share


ICLEI USA logoCRC core resources, including ADAPT, are available only to ICLEI member local governments. Learn more about the many benefits of joining ICLEI.

>> Download a Fact Sheet on CRC

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Five Milestones for Climate Adaptation

Five Milestones for Climate Adaptation

The foundation of CRC is a proven, cyclical process known as the Five Milestones for Climate Adaptation, which closely mirrors ICLEI's Five Milestones for Climate Mitigation.

  • Milestone One: Conduct a Climate Resiliency Study
  • Milestone Two: Set Preparedness Goals
  • Milestone Three: Develop a Climate Preparedness Plan
  • Milestone Four: Publish & Implement Preparedness Plan
  • Milestone Five: Monitor & Reevaluate Resiliency



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Professionals Who Should Consider Adaptation Planning

CRC is intended for local governments. However, its principles can also be applied to non-governmental organizations and businesses sensitive to climate change. Adaptation planning is critical for anyone tasked with:

  • Men looking at blue prints Providing safe and reliable public services
  • Ensuring environmental quality or compliance
  • Economic development and land use planning and zoning
  • Fiscal responsibility and risk management
  • Public health and disease control
  • Coastal zone and Port management
  • Ecosystem management
  • Transportation management
  • Improving community sustainability
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