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Climate Preparedness

Is your community preparing for the impacts and costs of climate change? Start now with ICLEI's Climate Resilient Communities Program for local governments

ICLEI's Climate Preparedness programs enables local governments to have an enhanced understanding of how climate change will impact their communities and to take action to safeguard human well being and community assets. ICLEI is committed to building resilient communities that are well prepared and can bounce back from climate change threats.






What's New:

Join ICLEI's Resilient Communities for America Campaign Today!

ICLEI USA is a leading founder of the Resilient Communities for America Campaign (RC4A), a movement designed to  champion the leadership of hundreds of local elected officials who commit to creating more prepared communities that can bounce back from extreme weather, energy, and economic challenges. To learn more about  Resilient Communities for America, visit the website here.




The President's Task Force Policy Initiative

With support from members of the President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, ICLEI is engaging its member elected officials, Resilient Communities for America Campaign Signatories, and partner networks to crowdsource policy insights that will be considered by the President's Task Force, thereby enabling the participation of a broader group of local leaders in the Administration’s climate change activities.




>>Learn More About the President's Task Force Policy Initiative


ICLEI Guidance & Tools

ICLEI is committed to helping local governments assess their needs and reach their climate adaptation goals. Below you will find selected ICLEI tools and guidebooks to help with this process.

>> Access ICLEI's tools, guidebooks, and resources here.

Recent ICLEI Pilot Projects & Case Studies

Throughout the years, ICLEI has worked with cities and counties to help them implement climate adaptation measures. In this section are some recent highlights of ICLEI's collaborative efforts with  member jurisdictions, as well as pilot projects related to climate preparedness and adaptation.

>>Access ICLEI's pilot projects and case studies here.

More Information for Local Governments

Communities face serious and unavoidable climate impacts, many already being felt. >>

Good news: Effective strategies can protect communities and increase their livability. >>

View a list of current and projected climate change impacts in your region of the country. >>


For questions or inquiries, contact ICLEI’s Climate Adaptation team. >>

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