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Introduction to Climate and Energy Action

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We’re the established leader in the field. We set the standards and push innovation. Nobody else delivers ICLEI’s combination of climate & energy tools, trainings, networks, and technical guidance. We’ve helped hundreds of cities, towns, and counties reach their climate and energy goals – and we can help yours, too. Ready to get started?


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Why Take Action?

Learn the compelling benefits for your community by undertaking climate and energy initiatives, as you establish your leadership in addressing a global crisis. Explore others' success stories.

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Climate Mitigation Guidance

Where do you get started on reducing your GHG emissions? Right here. Follow ICLEI's proven climate  action planning process and utilize our tools, trainings, and technical guidance.

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Climate Adaptation Guidance

Prepare your community's citizens, property, infrastructure, and natural resources for the unavoidable impacts of climate change, from heat waves and flooding to air pollution.

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Renewable Energy Guidance

Bring clean energy to your community with help from ICLEI's resources and our technical guidance delivered through the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar America Communities Program.

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Energy Efficiency Resources

View our collection of resources and guidance documents to help you save energy and money, from green building codes guidance to revolving energy funds.

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Green Business Challenge Program

Engage your local businesses in climate action and energy efficiency by launching your own Green Business Challenge, ICLEI's popular, innovative program.

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Join ICLEI Today

Why go it alone? Join ICLEI to maximize your results and achieve progress faster. Tap our proven processes, leading tools and guidance, and strong networks.

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ICLEI USA is the leading membership association of cities & counties committed to climate action, clean energy, and sustainability. blue arrow icon

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