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waste and water treatment

Check Out Raleigh's Innovative Stormwater Management System

by Don Knapp Oct 23, 2012


Watch this three-minute video about the City of Raleigh, NC's approach to stormwater management. Their new system removes nearly 100% of contaminants, and was developed with a strong public-private partnership.

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New Amendment Increases Access to Residential Rainwater Harvesting In Richardson, TX

by Katelyn Orenchuk Jun 20, 2011

Rain barrel by akeg on Flickr

A residential rainwater harvesting system. Photo credit: akeg on Flickr.

The city council of Richardson, TX, has recently passed an amendment to their code of ordinances that makes it easier for residents to install rainwater harvesters on their property. The amendment refines the permitting process by excluding many types of residential rainwater harvesters from requiring permits. The hope is that residents will be more eager to install rain barrels if they are not required to go through a tedious permitting process for a small tank for home landscape irrigation.

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