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To Advance Efficiency, State Governments Go Local

by Michael Sciortino, Research Assistant, ACEEE May 12, 2011

California State Capitol Sacramento

Guest blogger Michael Sciortino shares his insights on the American Counsel for Energy-Efficient Economy's newest white paper, "How States Enable Local Governments to Advance Energy Efficiency"

Anyone following the budget crises facing state governments can tell you that the policies and actions taken in state capitols can make indelible impacts on local governments. Local governments often rely on state funds, and in many cases take cues from the states when considering policies and programs.

ACEEE LogoRecognizing that the economic and environmental benefits of energy-efficient buildings and transportation can help both states and localities attain broader policy goals, a growing number of states are collaborating and leveraging their unique resources to advance energy efficiency at the community level. Whether local governments aim to cut costs, create jobs, protect the environment and public health, or increase energy security and reliability, energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and cleanest energy resource available, and one that numerous states and local governments are already employing successfully.

Download arrow icon Download ACEE's White Paper, "How States Enable Local Governments to Advance Energy Efficiency"

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A Week on the Road: Part III

by Cyrus Bhedwar Nov 28, 2010

Second Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit

Cyrus Bhedwar speaking at the Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit

Part III, Friday, Miami

My week of travel (see Part I and Part II) ended in Miami, Florida, one of my most frequented cities since taking this position. The occasion was the Second Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit – a gathering of one the of the nation’s leading regional collaboratives addressing climate mitigation and climate adaptation as well as state and federal climate policy. The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact was endorsed last year at the first Summit and commits the signatories to collaborate on a variety of regional climate and sustainability planning and implementation efforts as well as to speak with one voice on climate policy at the state and national levels.

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A Week on the Road: Part II

by Cyrus Bhedwar, ICLEI Southeast Regional Director Nov 14, 2010

Charlotte Energy Council Hearings













International Code Council's 2010 Final Action Hearings

(Read Part I)

Part II, Wednesday, Charlotte, NC

Up pre-dawn to catch a train. Yes, a train.  For the first time in years I was riding Amtrak – a commuter train between Raleigh and Charlotte – to get to the International Code Council’s 2010 Final Action Hearings and help advance the model energy code by perhaps the largest margin in years. More on that later. First the train.

I was treated to a spacious seat with more leg room than I’ll ever need, power for my laptop and wireless card and no announcement asking me to power down my electronics. The free coffee didn’t hurt either. I was able to spend the 3 hour journey learning North Carolina geography as we passed through a stop about every 15-20 minutes and catching up on email. Based solely on this experience I am really excited about the prospect of increased high-speed rail, particularly in the Southeast.

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