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Number of Minneapolis Bikers Ranks 2nd Among Largest U.S. Cities

by Adrienne DeAngelo Jan 29, 2011

Nice Ride Minnesota

A row of 'Nice Ride' Minnesota bicycles. Photo credit: Minneapolis Green Print

The Achievement

Beginning in January 2011, Minneapolis achieved the second highest percentage of people biking to work of the 50 largest U.S. cities. Minneapolis was also named America’s best bike city in 2010 by Bicycling Magazine. The city encourages bicycling for all ages to all destinations by providing new and improved bikeways and rider education.


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For Climate Activist, More Than One Road to COP16

by Rena Ragimova Nov 11, 2010

Paul Thompson photo

Paul Thompson: climate activist, bicycling enthusiast, avid disc golf player.
Photo credit: 350 Solutions Revolution.

Paul Thompson, 62, of Edina, MN, is not your average concerned citizen. His involvement with local environmental initiatives has taken him to last year’s COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen as an ICLEI representative, and this year to Cancun, Mexico for COP16. But this time, you won’t catch him on a plane.

To reach COP 16, Thompson has joined Portland residents, Katharine Ball and Alec Neal, for the 350 Solutions Revolution bicycle ride across the United States. The trio met last year in Copenhagen and this year they are collaborating on a documentary film that will highlight innovative local solutions to climate change.

“I’m looking forward to inspiring people along the way and supporting this wonderful effort to film and tell the story of America waking up,” says Thompson, “This is really shining a light on local climate solutions.”

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