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ICLEI’s Federal Engagement to Champion Local Government Climate Action

by Don Knapp Feb 20, 2013

ICLEI USA has kicked off 2013 with two busy months, engaging with federal leaders who have reached out to obtain our input on federal approaches to climate action and the role of local governments. ICLEI USA’s Executive Director, Michael Schmitz, has met several times with senior officials in the U.S. Department of State, including Under Secretary of State Robert B. Hormats. Schmitz has also led ICLEI’s response to a request for policy ideas from the Congressional Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change.

ICLEI is proud to act as the champion of cities and counties on climate change. Our mantra continues to be that local governments are leading the way on climate action, and that they must be further empowered to reduce GHG emissions and prepare their communities for climate impacts. In our latest federal engagement we’ve provided specific ideas and recommendations for how that can happen via federal agency action and local-federal collaborations. Read the details below.

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What the National Climate Assessment Means for Local Governments

by Don Knapp Feb 05, 2013

Have you perused the Draft National Climate Assessment (NCA) yet? Consider this 1,000-page report an invaluable resource for your local government -- a gold mine of information and insight. The Assessment can help guide your planning and policy efforts, build the case for action on adaptation and resilience, and even help you create a better sustainability or climate action plan.

View the Draft Assessment

Submit Comments (deadline April 12)

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California Governor's Office Recommends Using ICLEI's Community Protocol

by Don Knapp Feb 04, 2013

ICLEI is thrilled to announce that the State of California's Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) now officially recommends that California local governments follow the Community Protocol when undertaking their greenhouse gas emissions inventories. The U.S. Community Protocol for Accounting and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions is the first-ever national standard for how to measure and report the greenhouse gas emissions associated with communities.

ICLEI pioneered the development of this groundbreaking guidance, released in October 2012. The Community Protocol establishes requirements and recommended best practices for developing community GHG emissions inventories. A consistent national standard allows local governments to more easily develop high-quality GHG inventories and measure progress toward their emissions reduction goals and communicate results with their community members.

Read OPR's official announcement to local governments:

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NREL Report on Distributed Solar Incentive Programs

by Don Knapp Feb 03, 2013

In December NREL released a new report that should be of interest to local governments: Distributed Solar Incentive Programs: Recent Experience and Best Practices for Design and Implementation (pdf).

From the Executive Summary:

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