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Updated Tool Helps State and Local Governments Make the Case for Clean Energy

by U.S. EPA

EPA has just released version 2.4 of the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model, a free tool that helps state and local governments estimate and map the potential air quality, human health, and related economic benefits from clean energy policies or programs (due to expected reductions in particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia , and volatile organic compounds).

COBRA 2.4 includes updated emissions levels, health impact functions, health incidence data, population projections, economic values, and discount rate options—all consistent with what EPA uses for regulatory analyses.

State and local governments can use COBRA 2.4 to:

  • Better understand the potential for clean energy to enhance air quality, health, and social well-being.
  • Design or select program options that maximize benefits.
  • Build support for clean energy investments based on air and health benefits.
  • Narrow a list of policy options to those that should be evaluated using more sophisticated air quality models.
  • Present information about localized health benefits in easy-to-interpret tables and maps.
  • Support a balanced decision-making process that considers both the potential costs and benefits of policy options.
Learn more about COBRA and download the tool at EPA’s COBRA page. You can also learn how others have used COBRA by viewing example analyses.
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