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Take Action Now With ICLEI's "Save PACE" Action Kit

by Don Knapp

Capital in Washington, D.C.

Guest Blogger: Martin Chavez, ICLEI USA Executive Director and former Mayor of Albuquerque, NM

Dear Elected Officials, Local Government Staff, and ICLEI Partners:

ICLEI USA is leading national efforts to save local government PACE programs from shortsighted federal decision-makers at the Federal Housing Finance Agency. We're calling on all local governments to take action now by using the sample letters and sample resolution in our kit.

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Martin ChavezAs a followup to my earlier letter, please review the steps below. There is very little time left on the congressional calendar to save PACE this legislative season, and therefore swift action from the local level is key. Your local government can make a real difference by speaking out. Use ICLEI USA’s Action Kit, which contains sample letters and a sample resolution, to take effective action today!

What You Can Do to Save PACE (Using Our Action Kit)

   1. Contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives to support PACE
      See the sample letter and key messages in the Action Kit

   2. Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper
      See the sample letter in the Action Kit

   3. Pass a resolution to support PACE
      See the sample resolution in the Action Kit

   4. Join ICLEI's PACE Update webinar on July 27 at 2-3:30 p.m. Eastern to learn the latest on this developing situation and our next steps.

Local Leaders Stand United

  • Valerie Brown, Sonoma County Chairwoman, ICLEI USA Board Member, and President of NACo: “It is truly shortsighted of one federal agency to not understand the benefits of PACE programs, especially of the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP). (click link to keep reading)


  • Our program reflects investments in clean energy, local job creation and fiscal produce. We know hampering consumer’s use of these voluntary assessments is a bad call. Our Board’s action will ensure people are fully informed of the options, risks and opportunities that exist when they work with SCEIP.”
  • Patrick Hays, Mayor of North Little Rock, AR, and President and Board Chair of ICLEI USA: "The President and the Congress have made it clear that as a matter of national and economic security, we need to become energy independent.  Local governments have been leading the way on energy efficiency and sustainability; this act by a federally created agency is an unconscionable attack on local governments’ ability to simply do their jobs. Before this latest FHFA action, PACE was poised to weatherize millions of homes and place tens of millions of solar panels on residences across the nation."
  • Martin Chavez, ICLEI USA Executive Director and former Mayor of Albuquerque, NM: “It’s difficult to imagine what exactly is going on at the FHFA these days. With BP oil washing up on our shores, a historically fragile economy and our seemingly unquenchable thirst for oil and other fossil fuels, it is simply mind boggling that the FHFA thinks this latest action represents sound national policy."
  • Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco, CA: "I strongly support California’s lawsuit against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for blocking innovative California clean energy programs designed to create tens of thousands of jobs, promote energy independence and lower utility bills."
  • Steve Bellone, Supervisor, Town of Babylon, NY: "In the wake of the draconian declaration of Fannie & Freddie last week, Babylon refuses to go along with this job killer. We are not going to abandon what could be the single most effective source of jobs creation in the nation – the retrofitting of America’s existing building stock."
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