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More Accolades for Chicago and Mayor Daley

by Rena Ragimova Jun 17, 2010

Downtown Chicago, IL

The City of Chicago has been recognized for its impressive strides in climate action. Last week, at the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) conference in Oklahoma City, Mayor Richard Daley accepted the 2010 Mayors’ Climate Protection Award in the Large Cities category.

This is no surprise, since Chicago is already widely recognized for its landmark Chicago Climate Action Plan, considered one of the best designed and most comprehensive climate action plans in the nation.

Mayor Daley was joined by Mayor Patrick Hays of North Little Rock, AR (and ICLEI USA's President and Board Chairman), who won first place in the Small City category.

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Local Action Roundup

by Rena Ragimova Jun 14, 2010

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Misconceptions About 'Livability'

by Don Knapp Jun 13, 2010

Downtown Madison, WI, with Bike Path

The term "livability" is coming under fire from some commentators who charge that it's code for excessive government control over local planning and growth -- and unnecessary prescriptions on how Americans should live. In a recent Citiwire column, Neil Pierce sets them straight.

While livability may be a vague term, and arguably wimpy, says Pierce, creating more livable communities -- that is to say, more compact and easy to navigate without a car, more energy-efficient and affordable -- is a 21st century imperative as our nation faces serious problems exacerbated by sprawled communities and automobile-dominated transportation. Rising energy and gas prices as well as health issues like obesity can be mitigated when any community works to become more "livable." And mitigate climate change, of course.

The column featured a great quote from District of Columbia planning director Harriet Tregoning:

Livability is a shorthand way of saying we’re going to spend $1 to solve $4 worth of challenges. It’s about getting multiple outcomes that communities want with a single investment. It’s an approach any conservative should love.

Pierce's column counters the notion that livability advocates enjoy bashing the suburbs and want to punish these communities. The goal is not government-mandated change, but a shift in federal funding priorities, already taking place through the Obama Administration's livability initiative. Check out the column and the lively discussion it sparked on the definition of livability.

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Local Action Roundup

by Rena Ragimova Jun 10, 2010

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Congratulations to ICLEI’s Milestone Award Winners in Massachusetts!

by Rena Ragimova Jun 09, 2010

Downtown Boston, MA









On Friday, June 4, at the Massachusetts State Climate Protection Network meeting at Boston City Hall, six ICLEI local government members from Massachusetts were proudly presented with Milestone Awards for their achievements in climate mitigation. 

ICLEI’s Milestone Awards for Climate Mitigation recognize those members that demonstrate a true commitment to the Five Milestone Methodology by completing the milestones according to specific criteria established by ICLEI and by submitting documentation. Contact Allison Webster, New England Regional Officer, to learn more about Milestone Award criteria or submitting documentation to receive an award.

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ICLEI Tracking Federal Funding Opportunities for Local Sustainability

by Art von Lehe, Policy Officer Jun 07, 2010

Money Sign Puzzle

ICLEI USA is now tracking federal funding opportunities for its local government members. In the local sustainability movement there is no shortage of ideas, enthusiasm or willingness to act in many jurisdictions -- however there is almost always a shortage of funding and staff resources.

The federal government provides information on local level climate, energy, and sustainability funding opportunities, but the mechanisms for tracking them have never been aggregated into one format.

ICLEI USA has created such a format - We are making it easy to see what’s available today from the federal government in a clear, concise way that helps localities quickly decide if a grant opportunity is a good fit for their jurisdiction.

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Reflections on Resilient Cities 2010

by Michael Hughes, Program Officer Jun 06, 2010

Yvo de Boer at Climate Resilient Cities 2010

Yvo de Boer speaking at the final plenary session of Climate Resilient Cities 2010.

Resilient Cities 2010, the first world congress on cities and adaptation to climate change, commenced on May 28, 2010, with an opening address from David Cadman, President of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability. Cadman, also Councilor for the City of Vancouver, Canada, stressed the urgency of pursuing both mitigation and adaptation, and noted the excellent opportunity that the 500+ participants would have over the course of the three-day event to share knowledge and contribute in a meaningful way to the development of more resilient global cities.

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Adaptation Case Studies: Keene, NH and Homer, AK

by Don Knapp Jun 06, 2010

Road flooding adaptation

ICLEI has released two new case studies to help local governments learn from two of the early pioneers on climate adaptation planning: Keene, NH, and Homer, AK. Download them now.

Homer Alaska Houses on StiltsHomer, Alaska’s Climate Adaptation Progress Despite Uncertainties (pdf)
Learn how Homer identified climate impacts, set adaptation actions and priorities, and took advantage of initiatives that addressed both climate mitigation and adaptation


Keene Central SquareKeene, New Hampshire Leading on Climate Preparedness (pdf)
Learn how Keene assessed its risks and vulnerabilities, formed a preparedness team, and developed strategies and actions.



Is your community prepared for climate impacts? Learn more about climate adaptation and ICLEI's Climate Resilient Communities Program.

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Local Action Roundup

by Rena Ragimova Jun 03, 2010

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Upcoming Webinars: Sustainable Communities and Climate Showcase Communities

by Art von Lehe, Policy Officer Jun 02, 2010

People Walking Sidewalk

Join ICLEI and officials from EPA, HUD, and DOT for two webinars briefings on $750 million in new federal funding opportunities for local governments.

small green arrow icon Sustainable Communities Partnership Grants Briefing

Wednesday, June 9, 3-4 p.m. Eastern
ICLEI is hosting a webinar with NARC in which officials from HUD, DOT, and EPA will provide an in-depth discussion on how local governments can access the latest grant opportunities related to the Sustainable Communities Partnership. Opportunities include the HUD Sustainable Communities Planning Grants ($100M), HUD Community Challenge Grants ($40M), and DOT TIGER II Grants ($600M – including the $35M set aside for Transportation Planning Grants). This webinar is your chance to ask direct questions to federal officials.

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small green arrow icon Climate Showcase Communities Grants Briefing

Thursday, June 10, 3-4:30 p.m. Eastern
ICLEI is hosting a webinar with a representative from EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program, as well as staff from ICLEI member local governments that won awards from the first round of Climate Showcase Communities grants. We'll discuss the funding announcement for this year’s Climate Showcase Communities Grants. 

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