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Ashland, Ore., develops innovative Solar Pioneers project

by Rena Ragimova Jun 30, 2008

The Achievement

The City of Ashland, Ore., which operates its own municipal utility, has installed a 63.5 kW community solar electric system on its city service center. Ashland residents and businesses may invest in this system by “adopting” solar panels, or portions of a panel –  bringing renewable energy to the community and lowering their electric bills.

The system will consist of 363 solar electric panels rated at 175 DC Watts. Ashland customers can purchase the output of panels for 20 years, and become “Solar Pioneers”: A full panel for $825, a 1/2 panel for $412.50 or a 1/4 panel for $206.25. Each year the City will credit the electric bill of participants for the amount of renewable electricity their panels have generated. The City will be responsible for the maintenance of the system.

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DeKalb County, GA, mandates green building practices

by Rena Ragimova Jun 04, 2008

The Achievement

Major developers in DeKalb County, GA are now required to add a variety of green building practices to public and private construction over 20,000 square feet. This includes everything from using recycled materials to installing low-flow toilets to using natural light in the design of interiors. Read more »

Greensburg, KS, first U.S. city to certify all government buildings LEED-platinum

by Rena Ragimova Jun 01, 2008

The Achievement

The City of Greensburg, KS, passed a resolution in 2007 to certify all city-owned buildings LEED Platinum, making it the first city in the U.S. to pass such a resolution. LEED Platinum is the highest rating a building can achieve under the US Green Building Council's LEED Green Building Rating System. The City Council also adopted a resolution that all city buildings greater than 4,000 square feet will be certified LEED Platinum and be required to reduce energy use by 42 percent over current building code requirements. Read more »

Bozeman, MT, opens LEED-Silver public library

by Rena Ragimova Jun 01, 2008

The Achievement

In 2006, the City of Bozeman, MT’s new public library earned LEED Silver certification for its numerous green credentials, including solar panels to generate renewable energy, efficient lighting, heating and cooling as well as waterless urinals, water-saving faucets and recycled building materials.

The Benefits

The City cites a 27% reduction in energy use over conventionally built buildings. Read more »