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City of Keene, NH, Implements Internal Recycling Program

by Rena Ragimova Oct 08, 2002

The Achievement

City of Keene, NH, implemented an internal paper recycling program in 2002 to save money and reduce waste.

In July 2002, the City of Keene launched the program. Blue bins were used to collect the recycled paper from City staff, who were educated about how the program works.

The Benefits

Through this recycling program, the City is:
•    Diverting 20 tons of paper each year from landfills
•    Saving $2,300 each year, as well as profiting $800 from selling the paper on the commodities market
•    Reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 83 tons, since it is creating less landfill waste (and landfills release greenhouse gases), and not needing to truck as much waste to landfills, which also releases GHGs.

[Source: City of Kenne CCP web page]

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