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Municipal Clean Energy Toolkit

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Municipal Clean Energy Toolkit

Welcome to the Municipal Clean Energy Toolkit. Included within the Toolkit is guidance on how municipalities can finance, purchase, install, and promote clean energy.  The Toolkit contains material for any knowledge level – from municipal clean energy aficionado to beginner.  For those more familiar with clean energy, the search function, the drop down menu, and the clean energy quick links below will help you access specific information quickly. For users less familiar with clean energy, we encourage you to follow the navigational outline provided to the far right. Additionally, below is a checklist that denotes thirteen broad steps that your municipality should undertake during your clean energy process.


Clean Energy Types Discussed in Toolkit


Biomass #4 Biomass

Icon - Waste to Energy Energy from Waste

Icon - Fuel Cell Fuel Cells

Icon - Geothermal Geothermal

Icon - Hydroelectric Hydroelectric


  Icon - Ocean/Tidal Ocean/Tidal

Icon - Solar Solar

Icon - Storage Conversion Storage Conversion Technologies

Icon - Wind Wind

Getting Started  - Clean Energy Checklist
Icon - Checkmark Energy Efficiency – Ensure that energy consumption has been reduced before attempting to purchase or install clean energy.
checkmark Review Clean Energy Types to determine which type fits your needs.
checkmark Review Regulatory requirements for the clean energy type you've selected.
checkmark Identify appropriate and available Financing options to help fund a clean energy installation.
Review, prepare, and pass Ordinances/Bylaws necessary to site clean energy.
checkmark Understand potential Economic Development Opportunities that accompany clean energy and capitalize on those that are pertinent for your community.
checkmark Conduct community outreach and education to Promote your clean energy project.
checkmark Review state Procurement regulations to ensure you are capitalizing on appropriate opportunities and following required procurement regulations.
Consider Purchasing clean energy from your utility or a third party if installing clean energy isn’t feasible.
checkmark Review a list of ICLEI Members in Massachusetts to see what your fellow communities are doing in regards to climate protection.
checkmark Review Case Studies that denote how other communities have successfully installed or purchased clean energy.
checkmark Review a list of Resources that can help you find out more about various aspects of clean energy.
checkmark Have fun, document your progress, and share your experience with ICLEI.

The Municipal Clean Energy Toolkit was generously funded by the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust and provides details specifically relevant for municipalities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, the vast majority of information in the Toolkit is applicable to any local government, regardless of size or geographical location.

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ICLEI's Municipal Clean Energy Toolkit was generously funded by the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.