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ICLEI offers regular trainings to help local government staff understand how to use its tools and resources, especially for completing greenhouse gas emissions inventories. Learn more below.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Training Series

Learn the basics on how to conduct greenhouse gas emissions inventories with ICLEI's three-part recorded training series developed for local government staff.


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CACP Software 2009 Training Series

View recorded trainings and powerpoint slides on how to use ICLEI's CACP 2009 Software to conduct your local government operations emissions inventory or community-wide inventory.

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Greenhouse Gas Protocol Training Series

Viewed recorded trainings on ICLEI's Local Government Operations Protocol, as well as trainings on data collection for your GHG inventory.

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Climate and Air Pollution Planning Assistant (CAPPA) Trainings

View trainings on how to use CAPPA to choose emissions reduction measures and develop your climate action plan.