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Small Communities Toolkit

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ICLEI's new toolkit provides climate protection guidance for small communities, addressing their limitations and opportunities.



How This Toolkit Can Help

Large cities grab a lot of attention for their green goals and initiatives. But smaller communities--defined here as having a population of 25,000 people or less--across the United States are eager to commit to climate, energy, and sustainability actions as well--and collectively, they can have an enormous impact.

Yet due to various limitations, many smaller local governments struggle with initiating and maintaining momentum on climate protection. These limitations may include part-time or volunteer elected officials, small budgets, and minimal municipal control. ICLEI's toolkit is designed to help them overcome these limitations through detailed resources, case studies, and guidance.

The toolkit also helps smaller communities understand how to take advantage of their significant opportunities. For example, in a small, close-knit community, a local government can more easily influence community members to make individual changes to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. With this toolkit in hand, small communities can become empowered to reach their goals.



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Support for this toolkit was funded through U.S. EPA Contract GS-10F-0273K C/I-1 and provided by ICLEI under a subcontract to Cadmus. The views expressed in this document are solely those of the authors and do not represent official U.S. EPA policy.