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Regional Projects & Initiatives

Leading-edge projects that show the power of collaboration and ICLEI guidance.

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Small Communities Toolkit

Climate protection guidance for small communities, addressing their limitations and opportunities.

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Recycling & Solid Waste Management Guide

Best practices to create your own recycling and solid waste program or enhance or grow an existing program.

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Energy Codes and Climate Protection

Resources to help strengthen building energy codes, and understand best practices and tools.

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Case Studies

ICLEI's broad collection of local government case studies cover topics from energy efficiency financing to action planning.

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Policies, Plans, Presentations

Ordinances, action plans, policies,  and presentations from leading local governments.

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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide

Learn the benefits of EPP,view sample policies, and create your own.

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Success Stories

Browse this library filled with brief local government success stories on everything from clean energy to green buildings and waste reduction.

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