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Section IV - Summary

Effective communications and community outreach will be critical for municipalities striving to reduce their emissions. This Guide was designed to provide guidance to municipalities as they prepare their outreach efforts.

Below is a checklist that incorporates all of the major points necessary to ensure successful completion of your community outreach and communications program. Remember that most of these items can be completed in any order, but all steps need to be completed. If you have further questions about information in this Guide or about how your municipality can move forward with designing an effective media or community outreach campaign,  please feel free to contact your local ICLEI liaison.

Outreach Checklist
Checkmark Icon Assessed Target Audience
Checkmark Icon Clearly Identified Objective for Outreach (what do you want your message to do?)
Checkmark Icon Determined Message
Checkmark Icon Identified Appropriate Target Audience
Checkmark Icon Tailored Message to Resonate with Target Audience's Interests and Needs
Checkmark Icon Ensured Message Has Action Items
Checkmark Icon Identified Appropriate Messenger – One that Will Resonate with Target Audience
Checkmark Icon Selected Appropriate Medium for Conveying Message (Media or Other)
Checkmark Icon Provided Opportunity for Feedback on Success of Messaging


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