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Engaging Your Community

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Achieving sustainability goals and cuts in greenhouse gas emissions requires a community-wide response -- not just changes to government operations. Local government leaders have a crucial role to play in galvanizing support and action from the community at large. Effectively communicating the goals you have set and the role that every citizen has to play will determine your success. ICLEI's resources can help.

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Outreach and Communications Guide

This Guide shows local governments how to communicate effectively with constituents to build relationships, gain support, raise public awareness, engage community members, deliver calls to action, and inspire behavioral changes.

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Earth Day Resources

Use ICLEI's Earth Day resources -- including those from the National Conversation on Climate Action -- to help you plan successful events and other outreach efforts.


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Climate Communication for Local Governments

Five guidelines to help city and county staff and elected officials message climate solutions, science, and local impacts.


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