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Affecting Policy

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Implementing climate protection and achieving sustainability require smart, innovative policies. Today, local governments have the opportunity to impact not only their communities through policy, but to advocate for broader reaching policies at the state, federal, and international levels.

Search this section to view the policy work of leading local governments and browse resources to engage in broader policy actions on climate, energy, transportation, and other areas.


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Federal Policy Resources

Browse our collection of resources, analyses, and action items to help local governments understand and shape climate and energy policy at the federal level.

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State and Regional Policy Resources

Get tapped into policy issues--especially around energy--at the regional and state levels with these resources.

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International Policy Resources

Learn how local governments participated in Copenhagen, and must play a key role in ongoing international climate negotiations.

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Energy Codes and Climate Protection

Learn the benefits of adopting stronger energy codes in your community, and find out how you can advocate for stronger codes nationwide.