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Member & Technical Support

Got a technical or membership question for ICLEI? Our experts are ready to help your local government. Reach us fast -- online or toll-free support.


GBC wins

(the fastest way, alerts staff immediately)*


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(toll-free phone support)*


* For active ICLEI member local governments only (see exception below). Not an ICLEI member? Contact us here.

How It Works

  1. ICLEI will receive and log your question, and verify your active membership.*
  2. We will route your question to the appropriate staff expert. (If you prefer to contact individual ICLEI staff directly instead of using the toll-free line, feel free to do so.)
  3. We will respond as soon as possible via phone or e-mail -- within 3 business days, likely sooner.

Tech Support Topics

ICLEI’s experts can assist you with the following:

  • Renewable Energy*
  • GHG Inventories
  • Climate Mitigation
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Communications & Outreach
  • Member Benefits & Renewal
  • ICLEI Tools & Resources


* Technical support is available only for active ICLEI member local governments and their staff, elected officials, or approved consultants. Exception: Renewable energy tech support is available to all U.S. local governments via the Solar Outreach Partnership).


Business Hours for Phone Support

    Technical and member support: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific (based in Oakland, CA)

    Renewable energy support: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Eastern (based in Washington, DC)

We're Building a Sustainability Knowledge Base

ICLEI receives a range of technical questions from our local government members. As we answer frequently asked or difficult questions, we are building an internal Knowledge Base to capture our expert guidance and make it faster and easier to answer your questions in the future. Thanks for sending us your questions and helping us build technical guidance for local governments nationwide!

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