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How ICLEI Can Help Your Local Government

Achieve measurable results faster with ICLEI's tools, trainings, guidance, and networks for cities & counties

  • Experience. ICLEI USA is the recognized leader in local sustainability. We are the only organization that offers a comprehensive approach to help your local government achieve its sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy goals. We set national standards and drive innovation.

  • Leadership. Be counted among the sustainability leaders by joining the ICLEI network. Our local government members -- 1,000 worldwide -- are sharing solutions and helping one another stay connected to the explosion of local sustainability innovation.

  • Results. Want to reduce GHG emissions and improve air quality? Save energy or expand clean energy? Develop a sustainability plan or measure your progress? Access our cutting-edge tools, trainings, technical support, and networks -- designed to save you time and money.

city hall 175x100Services and Resources for Local Governments

ICLEI USA supports the work of U.S. cities and counties in powerful ways. Review the full list of tools, resources, and services available to local governments. Join us and take your efforts to the next level. blue arrow icon


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Support for Regional Planning Organizations

Regional planning agencies, councils of government, and metropolitan planning organizations can become affiliates of ICLEI USA. Learn how we can support your work and  complement our assistance to local governments. blue arrow icon


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Support for Consultants and Strategic Partners

In addition to helping local governments, ICLEI is here to support the sustainability and environmental consultants, nonprofits, universities, government agencies, and others who in turn support local governments. Learn more about what we offer or how to partner with ICLEI.  blue arrow icon


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Learn more about the largest network of local governments committed to climate protection, clean energy, and sustainability. Who are our members? What does our name mean? Why do local governments undertake sustainability initiatives? The answers are in our FAQs. blue arrow icon

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Join the ICLEI Network Today

Ready to join ICLEI and get started with your efforts to create a more resilient, healthy, and prosperous community? Joining ICLEI requires only a nominal membership fee. Start your application process, or talk to one of our staff about membership benefits. blue arrow icon

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ICLEI USA is the leading membership association of cities & counties committed to climate action, clean energy, and sustainability. blue arrow icon

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Help your business community save money, energy, and resources with ICLEI's innovative competition. blue arrow icon